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Phosphonate Reactive Retardant

Phosphonate Reactive Retardant

Phosphonate Reactive Retardant

Flame retardant DPEA-01 is diphenyl phosphoryl base acrylic Flame Retardant.  DPEA-01 is suitable for wide range of applications , including engineering plastics and electronics, textile, printing ink .  DPEA-01 offers good FR efficiency and thermal stability.

DPEA-01 is also a reactive and cost efficient and can be used in polyolefin, HIPS and ABS, PP and eyeglass lens materials etc.

Chemical Name: 2-(diphenyl phosphoryl)ethyl acrylate
Product Code: DPEA-01
Molecular Formula: C17H17O3P
Molecular Weight: 300.29
Phosphorous Content: 10.3%
Applications: Epoxy, Polyurethane, Polyurea ,Acrylic System etc.

Title: Phosphonate Reactive Retardant
description: diphenyl phosphoryl base acrylic halogen-free reactive flame retardant

Key words: Halogen free , low viscosity ,acrylic reactive retardant, phoshonate flame retardant, high refractive Index retardant,UV curable flame retardant

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