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Low Viscosical ty Reactive Retardant

Low Viscosity RetardantLow Viscosity Retardant

Low Viscosical ty Reactive Retardant

Low Viscosical ty Reactive Retardant

PHN-01 is a low viscosity phosphonate-based halogen-free reactive flame retardant and is recommended for coating, adhesive, sealant applications
in epoxies, polyurethanes, polyurea systems. It is also suitable for use in PVC and PVC foams, polyvinyl acetate emulsion, including construction applications. PHN-01 exhibits excellent hydrolytic stability, low volatility, and low fogging with PVC and PC/ABS.

Chemical Name: diethyl ((phenylamino)methyl)phosphonate
Product Code: PHN-01
CAS#: 56875-30-0
Molecular Formula:C11H18NO3P
Molecular Weight: 243.243
Applications: Epoxy, Polyurethane, Polyurea System

Title: Low Viscosical Reactive Retardant Supplier

description: low viscosity phosphonate based halogen-free reactive flame retardant

Keywords: Halogen-free, low viscosity reactive retardant, phosphonate flame retardant,Amine based retardant monomer

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