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Unique Products we Supply:

1. Stable in high temperature /moisture phosphonate retardants.
2. Low viscosity halogen-free reactive retardant
3. Acrylic, amine-based retardants for the various systems, e.g. polyurethane, epoxy, PE, etc.
4. Customerised high phosphorus content monomers
5. High transparent,heat resistance pigment dispersion
6. Aspartic polyurea binder carrier pigment paste

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  • Phosphonate Acylate Reactive Retardant

    Phosphonate Acylate Reactive Retardant

    Being a methacrylate monomer, DEPE-01 is highly transparent and used as a reactive diluent in acrylic or UV curing systems. Its phosphonate provides flame-retardant properties.
    Furthermore, it is an excellent non-migrating flame retardant additive. DEPE-01 is widely used to formulate non-halogenic and filler-free flame retardant composite materials. It is a safe fire retardant in public environments. In addition, it also provides better corrosion and adhesion as well as hydrolysis stable properties for polymer.

    Chemical Name: diethyl (methacryloyloxyethyl) phosphonate
    Product Code: DEPE-01
    Molecular Formula: C10H19O5P
    Molecular Weight: 250.232
    Phosphorous Content: 12.4%
    Applications: Polyurethane, Polyurea, Textile, 3D printing etc.

    Title: Phosphonate Acylate Reactive Retardant Monomer
    description: Being a methacrylate monomer, DEPE-01 is highly transparent and used as a reactive diluent in acrylic or UV curing system

    Keywords: Acylate Reactive Retardant Monomer, low viscosity reactive retardant, UV curing flame retardant,Phosphoric acrylic ester monomer ,Oligomeric Phosphonate Compositions


    Phosphonate Acylate Reactive Retardant

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  • Phosphonate Reactive Retardant

    Phosphonate Reactive Retardant

    Flame retardant DPEA-01 is diphenyl phosphoryl base acrylic Flame Retardant. DPEA-01 is suitable for wide range of applications , including engineering plastics and electronics, textile, printing ink . DPEA-01 offers good FR efficiency and thermal stability.

    DPEA-01 is also a reactive and cost efficient and can be used in polyolefin, HIPS and ABS, PP and eyeglass lens materials etc.

    Chemical Name: 2-(diphenyl phosphoryl)ethyl acrylate
    Product Code: DPEA-01
    Molecular Formula: C17H17O3P
    Molecular Weight: 300.29
    Phosphorous Content: 10.3%
    Applications: Epoxy, Polyurethane, Polyurea ,Acrylic System etc.

    Title: Phosphonate Reactive Retardant
    description: diphenyl phosphoryl base acrylic halogen-free reactive flame retardant

    Key words: Halogen free , low viscosity ,acrylic reactive retardant, phoshonate flame retardant, high refractive Index retardant,UV curable flame retardant


    Phosphonate Reactive Retardant

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  • Diamine Reactive Retardant

    Diamine Reactive Retardant

    Flame Retardant TBBB-01 is diphenylmethane phosphonate Flame Retardant. TBBB-01 is suitable for UPE, and flexible and rigid polyurethane , epoxy, polyurea system. Its applications.
    TBBB-01 has a high level of flame retardancy, good light stability and transparency. TBBB-01 is a reactive flame retardant and contains two second amine groups.

    TBBB-01 is recommended as a reactive flame retardant for thermosetting polyester systems offering high chemical and flame resistance, excellent light stability, and minimal thermal discoloration.

    Chemical Name: 4,tetraethyl (((methylene bis(4,1-phenyl ene))bis(azanediyl))bis(methylene))bis(phosphonate)
    Product Code:TBBB-01
    CAS#: N/A
    Molecular Formula: C23H36N2O6P2
    Molecular Weight: 498.50
    Phosphorous Content:12.4%
    Applications: Epoxy, Polyurethane, Polyurea System

    Title: Diamine Reactive Retardant,phosphorus diamine

    description: Diamine Reactive Retardant phosphonate base halogen-free reactive flame retardant

    Key words: Halogen free , Diamine Reactive Retardant , phoshonate flame retardant,phosphorus diamine, low viscosity DOPO alternatives


    Diamine Reactive Retardant

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  • Low Viscosity Retardant

    Low Viscosical ty Reactive Retardant

    Low Viscosical ty Reactive Retardant

    PHN-01 is a low viscosity phosphonate-based halogen-free reactive flame retardant and is recommended for coating, adhesive, sealant applications
    in epoxies, polyurethanes, polyurea systems. It is also suitable for use in PVC and PVC foams, polyvinyl acetate emulsion, including construction applications. PHN-01 exhibits excellent hydrolytic stability, low volatility, and low fogging with PVC and PC/ABS.

    Chemical Name: diethyl ((phenylamino)methyl)phosphonate
    Product Code: PHN-01
    CAS#: 56875-30-0
    Molecular Formula:C11H18NO3P
    Molecular Weight: 243.243
    Applications: Epoxy, Polyurethane, Polyurea System

    Title: Low Viscosical Reactive Retardant Supplier

    description: low viscosity phosphonate based halogen-free reactive flame retardant

    Keywords: Halogen-free, low viscosity reactive retardant, phosphonate flame retardant,Amine based retardant monomer


    Low Viscosical ty Reactive Retardant

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Honest Joy’s retardants are an incredibly easy method that works for all of our systems.

Elizabeth Puhera

We have been provided a very low viscosity monomer with 17% phosphorous content which helped us reach targets and minimize the cost.

Joachim Wagner

By applying these unique phosphonate monomers in our CCL products, we find an excellent new solution for 5G products that meet strict requirements from Google, our important end-user.

Christoph Scholl

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